“I myself have taken a trial class and have seen that the students are very interested. The students are removed from the monotony of the classroom system and feel motivated and eager to watch and learn. Simultaneously both the ear and eyes are being stimulated and that is important for early learners as well as the teacher who is teaching them. Before, many children would become inattentive but here they love to look at the screen. Most of our students are first generation learners and have to get accustomed to this method of learning but I am sure will learn faster using the audio visual aids rather than the normal teaching learning process.” – Sanjukta Biswas, Headmistress, Barisha Vivekananda Girls High School, West Bengal #edtech #elearning #languagelearning #english #readtome #righttoread

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“Prior to using RTM students were nervous about English, a foreign language. RTM has made them approach language learning with interest and cheer as they find the subject more approachable. The spelling and pronunciation tools are used most frequently whereas the dictionary and picture dictionary have helped improve comprehension”. #edtech #elearning #languagelearning #english #readtome #righttoread

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“People think that only students in private English medium schools do well but I always give students my own example. I studied in this very same school till class 10 and now I have been the principal for 7 years. With RTM, our students can have the confidence especially those who have just come into class 5 and started English as a subject. This is helpful for them. Their hesitation in the class is completely reduced now.”- Shabnam Wajeda, Principal, Hajiyana Khatijabai Girls High School , Nagpur #edtech #elearning #languagelearning #literacy #righttoread